it's the little things that count

Lots of wonderful little things happened to me this past week.

  • A friend drove four hours round-trip to spend the day with me. She reminded me I still know how to laugh.
  • Another friend made me a mixed cd of beautiful songs that my heart needed to hear. Her daughters picked out the bright flowery mailing envelope that made me smile.
  • Friend #3 mailed me a check to kick start my Wii fund. Talk about a surprise!
  • I received a knit wrap that Friend #4 handcrafted just for me, with prayers on my behalf woven into every stitch. It feels like a hug.
  • I got to hear the voice of my beloved on-the-other-side-of-the-ocean friend. That did wonders for my heart.
  • A friend bought a webcam just so I could see her. We celebrated with a webcam sleepover.

Yeah. Lots of little things.

And not a single one is little to me!