Redemption looks different on different days. 

I've found it curled on the couch on a lazy Saturday morning, sipping coffee, watching the fire, and shaking my head in grateful amazement at this new life I'm living. 

I've seen it in simple text messages that remind me I'm known and loved and not forgotten.

I've heard it in the laughter of a friend I've known for decades and, at the same time, am getting to know anew all over again. 

I've discovered redemption in the doorways of my home, behind the steering wheel of my Rogue, in songs that move my soul, at communion served from a music venue bar... 

I've stumbled upon it in words, spoken and written and read.

And in recent weeks, redemption showed up in an unforgettable trip to Italy...


For reasons that are too many to count and too deeply personal to put words to, this time with my mom and brothers was beautiful redemption. 

Being together in a country I adore—which also holds our precious family roots—was a gift I will always hold dear.  


It was also my first international trip in two and a half years. 

Two and a half years.

That was my longest stretch in one country since I was 14 years old. After over 20 years of frequent cross-cultural travel, two and a half years felt like an eternity to this heart of mine. 

My wanderlust and passport were equally happy to find themselves overseas again... 


I didn't want to forget an ounce of the redemption, grace, beauty, and fun this trip held, so I captured moments six seconds at a time and strung them together in a series of short videos. 

Come along with us wild and crazy Ronzinos to Italia... 

I'd love to hear from you.

Have you been to Italy? What were some of your highlights?
Where have you seen redemption lately?