it took a storm

I think about all that the disciples must have heard... and seen... and experienced. And I honestly can't even imagine.

I mean, I read through the Gospels and when I look at the stories from the perspective of the disciples... just... wow.

The teachings they heard. The miracles they saw unfold before their very eyes. The healings they witnessed. Their inner-circle conversations with Jesus.


It's clear they believed. They left their nets... their jobs... their families. They dropped everything to follow Him. They walked with Him, served Him, and told others about Him. They loved Him. They put their faith in Him.

But despite all they'd seen, heard, and experienced, it took a storm to compel them to worship Him.

Jesus stayed on shore for some solitude and prayer time, and sent His disciples across the lake in the boat. A storm kicked up and the sea grew rough. They were in serious trouble, rowing hard and struggling against the wind and waves. Out of nowhere, Jesus appeared, walking on the water toward them.

"Take courage," He told them. "I'm here."

Peter responded in reckless faith (which I love), and climbed over the edge of the boat, walking on the water toward Jesus. When he focused on the wind and waves, Peter became terrified and began to sink. Jesus reached out and grabbed him. Together they climbed into the boat and instantly the wind stopped.

Then, the Scriptures tell us -- "Then the disciples worshipped Him. 'You really are the Son of God!' they exclaimed."

Now, I have no idea whether or not this was the first time the disciples actually worshipped Jesus. But from what I can tell, this is the first recorded time. And there has to be something to that.

After all they had witnessed, it took a storm to compel them to worship.

The very presence of Christ in the midst of their fear and pain and struggle, led them to worship in a way they never had before.

Sometimes -- oftentimes -- there is more insight to be gained and lessons to be learned in adversity than in success.

Sometimes -- oftentimes -- we see Christ in new and compelling ways more in trials than in triumphs.

And sometimes -- oftentimes -- we can glorify God more because of our sufferings than our miracles.

Now, believe me, I don't like that any more than you do.

But my own experience tells me this is as true for me as it was for the disciples.

In the darkest of darkness, when the storms are raging the hardest, those are the times my heart is most drawn to true and genuine worship.

Because He is worthy even in the storm.

And He is worthy even if He doesn't save me from the storm.