irrational airport thoughts

I have irrational thoughts when I'm in an airport. I usually have the feeling that I'm going to see someone I know, even when I'm just on a layover. I glance around as we race through terminals, stand in line for Starbucks (mmmm...), or keep ourselves occupied as we wait in the uncomfortable chairs at the gate. I've never actually run into someone I know in an airport (unexpectedly, I mean), so I don't understand why I feel compelled to look around as though I might.

And then there's the strange sensation that overcomes me when I am being picked up by someone I know. When I don't instantly see them at baggage claim, I grab my bags and stand in a good-visibility spot. As the minutes pass by, my mouth gets dryer as I'm overwhelmed with the sense that I may not remember what they look like. They may have changed so much or my memory may be so faded that I won't even recognize them.

Yeah, irrational.

I had that crazy sensation when I landed in Milwaukee the other day. The moment I saw my friend---of course I recognized her instantly---but the moment I saw her, I had to shake my head at myself for even thinking I might not have been able to spot her.

Especially when she's been forever imprinted on my heart.