in God i (want to) trust

I trust God. I do. But I don't always live like I trust Him.

So I've been talking to Him about that lately. Because I want to trust, not just in theory or words or intention, but with my whole heart. I want to trust His everything with my everything.

I started listing out the things I have the hardest time trusting Him with. But He interrupted me. And with His perfectly simple statement, He summed it all up:

"Trust Me in this --- what I say about Myself and what I say about you."

His words got my attention. It's true---Since I don't trust who He says He is, I can't trust who He says I am. And those two foundational things are at the very core of all I need to work through in my life.

It's time. I'm being intentional about growing in those areas of trust.

Because I don't want to just say I trust Him. I want my life to actually show that I do.