with thanksgiving

I have the most generous friends. Seriously. When I stop and think about all the ways God continues to love me through His people, I can't help but cry tears of thankfulness. It's overwhelming actually.

I've lived with friends since I've been Stateside (no small commitment on their end!). I drive a borrowed car. I've bought clothes and coffee with gift cards that arrive in the mail. I've paid for medical care, counseling, lawyers, and car repairs only because of others' help. I've had free dental work, vacations, cell phone usage, meals. I'm typing on a computer that was paid for by countless friends.

I am blessed. To say the least.

It's impossible not to see it. Not to humbled by it and grateful for it.

He has faithfully provided. Friends have faithfully loved. And I feel so undeserving of it all.

Undeserving, but appreciative.

The kind of appreciative that makes my voice catch in my throat and brings tears rushing to my eyes.

Thank you, friends, for loving me well. For showing me His incredible grace. For being His hands holding my heart.

I'm grateful for you.