i was young and foolish

I moved to Africa twelve years ago today. It feels like a lifetime ago in some ways, and in others, it feels like just yesterday.

Some people think I was brave and bold for packing up and moving to Africa when I was 19.

If I was either, I certainly didn't know it.

I felt a whole mix of emotions on that long flight across the Atlantic, but brave and bold weren't in the mix.

Sad, frightened, and unsure were though.

Right next to equal doses of anticipation, hopefulness, and nervous-excitement.

I was young. And slightly foolish.

Foolish enough to think I had something offer. Foolish enough to believe I'd felt God's leading. Foolish enough to imagine He could use me.

Twelve years later, I smirk as I thank God that I still have some foolishness in me.

Part of me thinks it's a little wrong to celebrate my "Afriversary" in America. But it isn't the first time. And it probably won't be the last.

And it doesn't change the fact that twelve years ago today, the entire trajectory of my life changed forever.

Here's to another year lived for Africa, even if not in Africa.