i have pms

I'm alive! My tonsillectomy went well on Friday. Aside from the minutes when I couldn't breathe as they tried to wake me from the anesthesia and my puke-fest after they wheeled me into recovery, everything went smoothly. (Sheesh!) I was at the hospital for quite a few hours more than originally planned (because of the aforementioned mishaps), and have been mostly horizontal since I got home.

My man has been a wonderful form of PMS---he's my Pain Management Specialist. He's taking such good care of me, keeping me hydrated and as doped up as I'm legally allowed to be. He also bought the boxed set of Friends for us to watch during my recovery. Between eating ice-pops and applesauce, drinking lots of slushy iced tea, and taking liquid med-hell-ication, we've already watched the first 1.5 seasons.

But now for the news you're really interested in.

The winner of the 10,000th comment contest is...

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Ooooh Ice cream. If I was there I’d make you a killer HOMEMADE milkshake. Oh yes I would. They are delightful! :D

So, Brandy (a.k.a. Bran, Bran Muffin, BM, Raisin Bran, cereal lady), when do I get that milkshake?!

Thanks, everyone, for playing along. And for all your love and prayers...