i got an email from myself

If you were around the Grit a year ago, you may receive an email from yourself at some point today. Many of you wrote emails to your future selves last New Year's Eve which would automatically be sent to you this New Year's Eve.

I got mine.

And I read it with tear-filled eyes.

Here's a little glimpse inside:

i look down at my wrist: nothing missing, nothing broken. when i feel nothing BUT broken, those words can easily seem like a taunt. but i know they are salve for my hurting heart. i know they are laced with hope and promise, even when i don't see it.

i want to be whole.

forget everything else that i need to figure out; put aside all my other life aspirations and to-do lists for 2009. i simply want to be whole-er.

And I know this much is true: I am whole-er than I was a year ago. Maybe not by much. And maybe not as whole as I would like to be.

But by the grace of God, I am whole-er.

Did you get an email from yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And maybe you want to write a new email to your next-year self. Next New Year's Eve, you'll be glad you did.


Happy 2010, friends!