i can't blame it on being italian anymore

I'm not sure the most politically correct way to say what I'm trying to say. Which may be the reason nobody talks about this issue. But in an effort to be honest about a struggle of mine,

to open for discussion a topic I believe others will resonate with,

and to speak from a heart of mutual respect and non-judgment,

I will try my best.

(Even as I'm cringing...)

It's a myth that overeating is a problem only for people of a certain size.

I like to eat.

Actually, I like to eat a lot.

I've always blamed it on being Italian. We Ronzinos love us some food!

If there aren't abundant leftovers, we haven't cooked enough. If our plates aren't piled high, we must not be feeling well. If we aren't addicted to carbohydrates, we're practically sacrilegious.

But the truth is that it has less to do with my heritage than it does with my heart.

While I'm still unearthing all the reasons why, I can no longer avoid this simple fact:

I overeat.

My portion sizes are routinely larger than healthy.

I usually continue eating long after I'm full simply because it tastes so dang good.

I eat when I'm bored or because it's "time to", whether I'm hungry or not.

In the past few months, I've realized what an emotional eater I am. I crave carbs when my heart hurts.

I recognized a huge red flag when I caught myself trying to trash my empty Chick-Fil-A carton before my friend noticed it.

Yeah. I have eating issues.

So I'm choosing to go public with my unhealthy eating habits to help force some change in me.

(Nothing says motivation like public accountability.)

My first intentionality is to scale down my portion sizes. Not to minuscule, but to normal. To healthy.

I'm also going to try eating slower. I say try because I usually don't realize how fast I eat until I've cleared my plate. (Yikes.) If you have suggestions on ways to remember to slow down, please pass them along.

And I am going to ask God for help. Sounds so simple, but---to be completely honest---I've never asked Him to help me with this before. It's time to start.

(Still cringing.)