how do we tell?

I'm no stranger to challenges, both in ministry and in life. I've roughed the stormy seas of tight finances. I've braved long seasons of everything possible going wrong in every way possible.

I've endured numerous devastating fires on our mission base. I've watched a tornado lift the roof right off of my house. While I was in it. Twice.

I've faced countless health issues, lost loved ones, sat broken-down on the side of the road more times than I can count.

I'm not oblivious to the schemes of the devil.

I know the enemy attacks hard on the front lines.

I also know God uses the situations we face to guide and shape us.

He disciplines us, redirects our paths, and goes to great lengths to get ourattention at times.

And so today I find myself wrestling.

I'm coming up with more questions than answers, though.

A barrage of negative/painful/stretching circumstances could be an attack we should stand against in faith. Or it could be God's way of "closing a door", turning us around, or shifting the direction of our path.

How do we tell the difference?