heart clarity

Throughout the day, I get inspiration for posts I want to write. Between meetings and meals, and squished in the middle of conversations, I have moments of clarity. Heart clarity.

There's the sudden phrase that seems to perfectly explain how I'm feeling. There's the word picture that beautifully paints the experience of the moment. There's the crystal clear nugget of truth that God whispers to my heart.

These moments jump out at me, taking me by surprise.

As activity and conversations continue around me, everything inside me slams on the brakes. I can hear my heart beating. My slow-motion thoughts scroll across my mind in bright, vivid color.

Heart clarity.

And then... just as quickly... it's gone.

Gone before I'm able to grab it.

Gone before I can write it down.

Gone before I can pull it tightly to my chest and hug it close.

When I finally have time to sit at my computer and write a blog post, it's at the end of a long and full day. A day filled with all kinds of wonderful, a surpassed quota of spoken words, an occasional heartache, and a shaken-snowglobe of emotions.

I click "Add New Post" and then stare at the blank screen.

As frustrated tears fill my eyes, I try to recapture those thoughts from throughout my day. But they're gone. For good.

And all I'm left with is... this.

And welly eyes.