goodbyes make my heart hurt

I often say that my life in ministry is like a revolving door. I've said countless goodbyes over the years as people have come and gone through Thrive and through my life. On this trip alone, I've said goodbye more times than I can count.

Farewells aren't new to me. But they never get any easier.

Plain and simple... Goodbyes just make my heart hurt.

The revolving door of my life is constantly rotating. Continually bringing people in and out. Sometimes the out is just for now, for a season. Sometimes it's for good.

And every time, it hurts.

I love people. I cherish relationships. I value community. Laughter. Shared tears. Conversation. Silence. Love.

As much as goodbye makes my heart ache, I'm grateful I have people worth aching over.

Within the dissonant sounds of goodbye, I also hear whispers of love. For me. For them. And as my eyes fill with tears, my heart fills with a sense of belonging.

Having people to miss this deeply makes the revolving door worth every painful turn.

So I'll keep swinging it.

And I'll keep crying my way through the goodbyes.