goodbye someday

I get it. I do.

I understand why lifelong, loyal fans would be irritated by the droves of us who suddenly donned hats and joined in on the "Go Cubs Go" chants. "Bandwagon fans," they say with a frustrated sigh. And I get it.

But I also understand something else: that the Cubs' story is *our* story. It's the visual, tangible reminder to hold on, to never give up, to believe in something against all odds no matter how long it takes.

When 108 years of drought finally end, for a split second moment we all believe that our own seemingly-century-long struggles will eventually end as well. So we join in this moment to celebrate a victory hard-earned and to remind our hearts to hope, even when it feels like nothing more than a four-letter word.

Call me a bandwagon fan if you want, I won't mind. Because I know that right now... the Cubs are all of us.