Going Picnicking

I bought a hat the other day - a cute blue and yellow one. My mom always tells me I'm a hat person, so I figured I'd give it a go... This morning, the plan was to just lounge around at home - and I dressed accordingly. Shorts and my "beach shirt" - a pink and darker-pink striped shirt that Niel bought me with the help of one of my friends in Michigan. Around 1:30, Niel and I ended up needing to drive some of the staff into town; as we were heading out the door, I grabbed my new hat and added it to my already looking-great-for-town ensemble.

Just as we were leaving, Niel's mom came by to ask us something. She interrupted herself when she saw me in my getup and asked, "Oh, are you guys going picnicking?!" Niel and I burst out laughing...and have continued laughing about it all day!