going-ons (or is it goings-on? hmmm...)

I'm on my way to Chicago this afternoon to attend STORY. I'm meeting my friend Mandy at the airport there and we're gonna be hitting up STORY together! (Mandy and I have a habit of meeting up in airports! I'll try to refrain from tackle-hugging her this time... Wait... No I won't!) I'm really excited to catch up with her (I haven't seen her since... what?... February?!), explore Chi-town with her, and experience the amazingness of STORY with her. (Details here...) Then in a couple weeks I'll be heading back down to Atlanta for Catalyst. If y'all know me at all, you know I love me some Catalyst! Such an incredible organization that sets the bar high when it comes to excellence. I thrive on leadership development, so I am really excited for this fire-hose learning experience! (Details here...)

My friend Brad is once again organizing the Bloggers MeetUp at Catalyst. And this year he made it a benefit for Thrive Africa! That was such a fun surprise for me to discover... and it completely humbles/overwhelms me at the same time. I'm so grateful for the support for Thrive, and that so many wonderful bloggers will get to learn more about who we are and what God's doing in Africa! (Details here...)

I'll be attending the Cultivate Her / Leading and Loving It luncheon at Catalyst, too. (It's being sponsored by Mercy Ministries.) I have amazing friends at each of these ministries, and I cannot wait to get all of these powerhouse women in one room! (Details here...)

Lemme know if you're gonna be at any or all of the above! I don't want to miss a chance to hug you and connect with you!

And now that I've given you the rundown of my schedule for the next few weeks, lemme know what you've got coming up on your calendar. What are you looking forward to?