four-minute friday: unshaken

four-minute friday 2Go. In thinking about what to post today, I couldn't help but feel the weight of the actual date. I thought about describing where I was when I heard the news this fateful day 8 years ago, but wondered what it would accomplish to tell you I was in the living room of my chicken-coop-turned-apartment in Africa, and it was snowing outside.

I considered telling you about the NYC firefighter I knew who died doing the very thing he'd always dreamed of. But I don't have it in me to muster up all the words it'd take to tell that story.

So really all I want to say is, I remember. As I know we all do. And I am grateful. Grateful for the country I call my home and the God who stands unshaken above it. Grateful that He is in control even when everything seems out of control. And grateful that He is still righteous and just when all I'm seeing feels the opposite of that.

Today I remember.

And give thanks for His faithfulness.