four-minute friday: stink and the sharks

four-minute friday 2Go. I've had a blast watching Shark Week. (Anyone else hooked??)  My favorite is watching the great whites leap out of the water as they attack. Have you seen it? Incredible! I've also loved all the footage of South Africa. Did you know the SA coast is the third deadliest in the world because of all the shark attacks? Mmhmmm. It's true.

My ten-year-old buddy Stink has watched a bunch of episodes with me. And let me tell you, it is SO fun watching with him. He is intrigued and freaked out at the same time, and alternates between wide-eyed wonder and running out of the room.

And he says the funniest stuff.

Convo 1 Me: Are you scared? Stink: Yeah. But I'll take it like a man.

Convo 2 Me: Do you want to come sit with me? Stink: (slowly pulling his head out from under the pillow) No, I'll be alright. He glanced up at the TV, saw blood, and dove off his chair to the floor right by my feet. Me: Do you want to sit with me now? Stink: Not yet. Gettin' close to it, though.

Yeah. Between Stink and the sharks, it's been an entertaining week. And my heart just swelled when mid-show he looked over and said, "I love watching TV with you."

Yessss! It only took some appendage-severing to win him over!


It's not nearly as fun watching by myself.