four-minute friday: self-awareness

Go. I recently realized that I'm not very self-aware. Which, for someone who isn't self-aware, is a pretty big realization to come to. I'm just sayin.

I don't feel as though I have a good understanding of my own personality.

I don't connect the dots about things going on in my life. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. I just don't seem to be cognizant that A + B might've equaled the C I'm currently feeling.

When I hear friends describe themselves or explain how they usually respond in certain situations or say that what they ate yesterday is messing up their GI track today, I always think, "Wow. How did they figure that out?!"

It just hit me that my lack of self-awareness might play a big role in my inability to choose favorites. Or be decisive. Because, honestly, a lot of the time I legitimately don't know what I like. When I shrug and say I don't have a preference, it's because I really don't know what I'd prefer.

I feel like the chick on Runaway Bride who doesn't know how she likes her eggs cooked.

Although I do know how I like my eggs. If breakfast burrito counts as an answer. Seriously, cheese and salsa make just about anything better. That much I know for sure.

But for most everything else, I sincerely don't know what I like. Or how I typically process things. Or even if my tummy issues are triggered by a certain food. I simply don't know.

Because I'm just not self-aware enough to understand me.

What is up with THAT?!