four-minute friday: highlights

Go. So today's my big day. I'm up and at 'em early (where did that phrase come from?) to drive to the big-city for my 11 AM hair appointment. I must confess: I'm nervous!

After my cut (and highlight!) I'm heading to the airport to pick Niel up. Hope he likes it. Especially cause it'll probably never look that good again. There's nothing like that fresh-from-the-salon look. Note to self: Make a point of asking them to show me exactly how to style it so I can do it myself.

Here comes the real bummer: We're spending the night in Joburg to pick up some folks at the airport on Saturday morning. So... That means no "big reveal" until Saturday night or perhaps even Sunday. (GASP!)

Spiderweb: I can't believe with or without you got so many comments. The dialogue took some interesting twists and turns. If you haven't followed the comment conversation, you may want to go back and take a peek.

Okay... Since I'll be gone all day, you'll have to talk amongst yourselves in the comments. What do you anticipate being your high and low today? (That's "kitty-code" for the best and worst part of your day.) And then come back and share what your actual high and low was... Okay. Discuss.