four-minute friday: gettin' my groove on

Go. I love me some music.

I can't carry a tune and I don't play any instruments, but dang---I love me some music. It just resonates with me. Sometimes it's the lyrics (I'm a words girl), or the acoustic guitar, or the perfect harmonies. Sometimes I can't even put my finger on what "it" is. I just know a song has it.

And I love it.

Every song has a "crank it up" spot---the part I love the most, that's best heard at top volume. Drive with me once and you'll know exactly what I mean.

I have absolutely no rhythm, but music just moves me. I find it impossible to stay still. Sometimes a girl's just gotta get her groove on.

I wish I could actually dance.

But the fact that I can't doesn't stop me from dancing in the car. Or in my bedroom. Or, my personal favorite, in the kitchen.

Because seriously---there ain't nothin' like kitchen dancing.