four-minute friday: fleece is my favorite comfort food

four-minute friday 2Go. I've been in DC since Wednesday. That was a hard day for me. Even as I type that, I can't help but sigh with my eyes closed. All I wanted to do was wrap up in a warm cozy fleece. But I don't have one. (Not with me in America anyway.)

As I waited for my flight I tweeted that fleece is the clothing equivalent of comfort food. I would've bought one right then if I could.

Instead my friend loaned me one the moment I arrived in DC.

It felt like a hug I could wear all day.

I needed that.

Never mind the fact that it's ridiculously cold here. At least compared to the HTL. Mmmhmm. I just combined Hotlanta and The ATL to form my own brand new nickname for my current hometown.

So I'll keep borrowing a fleece.

To stay warm and keep my heart feeling as hugged as possible.

From DC to the HTL.