four-minute friday: convalescing

Go. I wore a bra for the first time in a week.

Let me back up a bit. This morning, I made myself get out of bed and not only shower, but also shave.  (I swear, my body grows an ungodly amount of hair in seven days!) I put on makeup and my glasses (although my eyes were seeing just fine all week without 'em), and did my hair. By "did my hair", of course all I really mean is I pulled my bangs back in a clip and tousled the rest with my hands.

I put on real clothing (I've been rocking the PJ Queen look), slipped my feet into flip flops, grabbed my purse, and exited my bedroom. And then the house. (GASP!)

I had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon, and figured I'd do some errands while I was "out that way".

Doctor's office. Check. UPS. Check. CVS to get more drugs. Check. (Yesssssss!) Pizzeria. Check. Target. Check, check, check. Sporting goods store. Check. Outlet mall. Check. Chinese restaurant for take-out. Check.

I arrived back at home in serious pain, just about unable to speak, and utterly exhausted. My butt is finally planted back on my bed, where I plan to remain for the rest of the night. Just as soon as I take my bra off and get back into pajamas.