four-minute friday: anti-blogging

Go. This is my first post in a week. I was taking a bit of a hiatus, but was ready to post something again on Wednesday. And then, in an instant message chat, you had to go and challenge me to hold out until Friday. "It'll be a record," you said.

I think you really wanted me to wait so that my return post would be written to you (since I'm dedicating Four-Minute Fridays to you while we're apart). Either way, I sighed at your suggestion. And decided to take you up on it.

With you being known in internet-land as the Anti-Blogger, and then cheering my absence from the blogosphere for seven whole days, I wonder what hope my future in blogging really has.

You should try it. You might like it. You know what they say: The family that blogs together, stays together. Or something like that.

Someone sent me this picture of you from last week. It makes me smile still. You're so sexy, you know that?

Dang, I miss you. Oh---Nina Panina says hi!