four-minute friday: am i just lazy?

Go. My energy and motivation have been record-breakingly low for days now. I blurted out a "What's wrong with me???" to a friend, and she asked if it was a rhetorical question. To her, it makes complete sense that I'd be feeling this way. After months (years?) of stress and ongoing fatigue and facing the hardest situations of my life, she thinks my body's just finally getting to let down a bit.

I get what she's saying. I just hate feeling... unglued. I don't know if that's the best descriptor, but that's all my fuzzy brain can come up with right now.

I feel like I could sleep for a month. I can't seem to think coherently. I have zero motivation to do the things on my growing to-do list, even though they're urgent. I forget everything. I lack even the creativity or fully-processed thoughts to really blog these days. And it frustrates me that I've got nothing worth saying.

But this post I could do. I figure it's only four minutes, and I'm fine with it being all rambley. For just this one post anyway.

I guess what I'm wondering is---How do I know if I should take my body/mind's cues to disconnect for a while or if I simply need to be more disciplined?