four-minute friday: hope house

Go. I'm cheating. It's after midnight, so technically it's Saturday already.

We took our new interns to Hope House for the first time today. I was flooded with a strange mix of emotions. I was glad to be there. Utterly elated to hold and hug my James. The buzz of excitement that overflowed from the interns was almost tangible.

Yet at the same time, I felt a hole in my heart, in the room, in the children's eyes -- a hole the size of last year's interns.

I watched the children wander hesitantly, tentatively into the room, beholding a whole new group of people. They were reserved. Shy. Withdrawn. Unsure. Confused. And then that wall slowly tumbled down. By the end, the kids were hanging all over the interns. Their hearts opened wide to let in these strangers who will very soon become friends. Loved ones.

I would be wise to let my heart do the same.