flotsam and jetsam: rhubarb pie

  • I'm a rookie gas-pumper. My first pump was less than two years ago, and I've only pumped gas about six times in my life. When I filled up this week, I somehow managed to splash gasoline all over myself. Clearly, I need more practice.

  • I watched a bit of the national spelling bee a few days ago. (Follow that link; you'll be glad you did.) I can't believe these kids are 13 and under. They are ridiculously smart, and some of them have more facial hair than my 32-year-old brother.

  • In Wisconsin I ate my first (and second) piece of rhubarb pie. Granted, it was strawberry rhubarb pie... which is probably what made it taste so dang loverly.

  • Kitty treated me to my first-ever pedicure in America earlier this week. It was wonderful! (I would pay just to sit in one of those massage chairs.) Even though I warned my pedicurist (is that really what they're called?) that I have extremely ticklish feet, she seemed genuinely surprised every time I twitched, jumped, cringed, or burst out laughing. Kitty got a good kick out of it.

  • I melt every time Silas calls me "Aunt Lizzy". When he asked to snuggle with me the other day, I'm pretty sure I felt my heart smile.

  • Some search terms that led people to my site recently:

hot butt (yes, I have one...) recipe for fried grits (uhh... I'm from New York.) how does one get out of a catch-22? (let me know when you figure that out...) brokenheartedness (I can relate.) "i'm a little teapot" outfit (sorry, mine's not available.) male bathhouse (no thank you.) hot nicknames (I don't really have a nickname, but when I get one I'm sure it'll be hot!) swishing sound in head (are the sounds in my head bothering you?) certificate for honorary redneck (I repeat... I'm from New York.) who is cathi stegall? (i'm thinking "where is cathi stegall" might have been more appropriate.)