flotsam and jetsam

One-liners from my week:

  • Kelly and I had Bible-School-night for the first time in weeks (months?); as usual, our shared laughter and conversation was the best part.
  • I listened to The Goo Goo Dolls' Better Days 73 times in one day.
  • I reconnected with someone from my very first mission trip; I'm so glad to be back in touch with my ants-pants friend.
  • I downloaded an album I loved in ninth grade (and haven't heard in well over a decade), and I still knew the words.
  • I decided to get in on the poll action; cast your vote now!
  • Some of the interns trick-or-treated at the staff houses on Halloween---an intern first!


bunch o' crazies...

  • "Spring ahead, fall back" doesn't happen in South Africa; the extra hour that's now between me and you somehow makes me feel farther away.
  • A friend and I ran through a field--amid rain and hail--to get a picture of some naked sheep; although the picture didn't turn out so great, we laughed a lot, so...mission accomplished.