flotsam and jetsam

  • Our pastors' conference went really well. I hadn't been able to attend the last few we hosted, so I was glad that I could make it to this one. Niel tore it up when he spoke; I love seeing him in action like that!
  • I had a great time with Isaac, John, and Andy who came in to speak at the conference. They are "comfortable" to be around, and I felt energized by the time we spent with them.
  • Niel makes some dang-good cheesy potatoes, and he made them twice this week! Mmmm...
  • I got to visit a LaunchPad class for the first time all year. It was great to see a curriculum I wrote being taught...and being taught so well.
  • I am loving Blogger's new "subscribe to comments" feature!
  • I played Scrabble (didn't do so hot) and Parcheesi (enjoyed sending people back to start) for the first time in years. I think I may stand alone in my extreme enjoyment of "the royal game of India".
  • I've watched this video at least a dozen times this week, and laughed every time: