flotsam and jetsam

I can't believe it's time to pass along my flotsam and jetsam thoughts already. Where did this week go?!

  • Apparently Monday was "National Hug Day". I hadn't known this obscure fact until I arrived at staff meeting, where I was greeted with a big bear hug by one of our interns. That tangible expression of love was a great way to start my week.
  • My blur of a workweek was interspersed with some random fun happenings. There was round-two of "Girls' Night" for all the staff and intern girls. (No face masks this time; just casual conversation, which was just perfect!) One of our staff members invited all the female staff over for a braai (barbecue), which was wonderful. I grabbed a smoothie with a friend and got to hear her big news (that I'd been waiting two weeks to hear!). My home was the venue for a birthday bash yesterday...at which I managed to get soaked by water balloon madness.
  • I watched "You've Got Mail" for the first time in years. I'd forgotten how much I truly love that movie. Haven't seen it lately? You should rent it...
  • Several years ago, someone sent us an ice cream maker as a gift. With all our 70/80 degree weather lately, I felt inspired. So this weekend, I busted it out and fired it up for the first time this season. My friend and I have a mental list of things we want to do together; we were able to check off "make and eat cookie dough ice cream" by the end of the weekend.
  • I basically did nothing today. I can't make that statement very often, so this is one for the history books...
  • My hombre comes home tomorrow! (There is great rejoicing in the land...)