flotsam and jetsam

Some happenings over the past few days:

  • We had a great week in Colorado. We'll be returning there for sure.
  • I got to see an old friend whom I hadn't seen in almost a decade. It very quickly felt like old times, and I so enjoyed meeting his wife and holding his baby.
  • I spent an hour with my high school English teacher. Mrs. Warren believed in my writing ability when I was just a nerdy, insecure teenager. (Yes. I really was a nerd. Still am.)

Random snippets from yesterday:

  • I talked to a new friend on the phone for the first time ever. It felt...comfortable. Like snuggling on my couch with a blanket and a mug of lemon tea.
  • A friend sent me a message: Africa misses you. That made my day.
  • We spent 12 hours in the Denver airport because our flight got canceled. We finally arrived in California at midnight.
  • I kept my laptop company while Niel napped during our lock-in at the airport.

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