flotsam and jetsam

It's Easter, and I'm mindful of the fact that there is always redemption. When my situation looks bleak, I need to remember that God can bring life when it looks as though there's none to be found. That makes my heart smile. Interesting bites from my week...

  • Last Easter I used my last egg-dying kits, so this was the first year in a very long time that I didn't color eggs. I decided to color my flotsam and jetsam instead. Though it was egg-less, we had a great day. The Thrive family of staff and interns came over for a braai (barbecue) and we had a fun time together.
  • I was out of the office more than I was in it this week... leaving me with 219 emails still to answer! (219 emails = busy week ahead!)
  • We closed the ministry Thursday and Friday to celebrate Easter with a long weekend off from work. Our staff and interns seemed appreciative of the extra days to relax and recoup.
  • Some friends have been visiting with us this weekend. I've really enjoyed the down-time I've gotten to spend with them... it's been good for my soul.

  • I wore an African dress to an Easter service at a local church. The mamas loved it! Joyce and I sort-of matched in our African Easter dresses, and we took pictures together for the first time ever!
Joyce & Alece
Joyce is so beautiful!
And she was so proud that we were wearing similar-looking seshoeshoe (suh-shway-shway) dresses. 
Easter dresses
Take a good look at my long locks... I made my haircut appointment for Friday!