flotsam and jetsam

It's hard to remember what happened this week; I'm exhausted. (What else is new?) In addition to a plethora of hair-related phrases, here are some Google searches that led people to my site.

  • get a call from spongebob - I have no idea...
  • suzisusana - Huh?
  • downside to eating a lot of cereal - There's a downside? Gasp!
  • is it ok to be a little ocd? - I sure hope so! (If you haven't been reading long, you should follow that link. You'll learn a lot about me!)
  • how to decorate a bathroom, where can i get lace toilet seat covers, lace toilet tank cover - Those 3 made me laugh out loud. I have a pretty good guess what page of my site these Googlers ended up on. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to read this. It will change your life forever. Or at least make you laugh.