flotsam and jetsam

This week went by far too fast. And it seemed far too busy. Yet when I try to think back on what happened, I'm not coming up with much. Hmmm...

  • I visited an ear, nose, and throat specialist in the city. I've always had huge tonsils and battled with constant infections. Now that we have medical insurance, I figured I could/should look into what could be done about it. We discussed removing my tonsils, and all the wonderful side effects that could come with the surgery. For now, I was prescribed a 6-week course of penicillin: three pills a day. The doctor thinks it could help shrink my tonsils down a dress size or two.
  • Off-and-on over the past year, I've watched Judging Amy. And this week, I watched the very last episode... of all six seasons. It was bittersweet to finish.
  • A staff member and an intern both turned 21 this week. Parties ensued.
  • I laughed a great deal over this:

Somehow... that's all I've got. Shame.