five-minute friday: 12 hours in nyc


Five minutes is definitely not enough time to tell you about my whirlwind trip to New York City last Friday with Tracee. But here are some highlights... I'mma type fast...

The moment my favorite skyline came into view, we both bust out singing "Only in New Yoooork..." And it became our theme song for the day.

I'd heard about this initiative going on that placed pianos all over the city "to bring music to the streets". We made it our mission to find one, and sure enough... We played on a random piano in the middle of Times Square!

We hit up FAO Schwartz because we just had to play on the BIG piano. (Our "Where's Waldo?" game on Twitter made it even more fun!) We ooooh'd and ahhhh'd at the Apple Store, and played Skee-Ball on an iPhone 4. (So random. And so funny.) The live camera feed on one of the ginormous screens in Times Square was a blast too. Trying to find ourselves up there felt like payback for the Where's Waldo game... But we eventually found us.

We took our time eating dinner at my favorite restaurant -- 2 1/2 hours! -- and savored every bite (and sip). Mmm! I love me some good Italian...

I got a long-overdue hug from my friend Natalie to end off an amazing day, and then Tracee and I cashed out on the bus ride back to DC. We were joyfully content from a day of laughing, talking, walking (lots of walking), and doing everything and nothing together.

It went by so fast. And was far too short. But it was the very best day I've had in a looooong time. What a gift!

"Only in New Yoooork..."