First Things First

I always read the Acknowledgements in the front of a book. Niel thinks this is odd and our recent conversation about it made me contemplate why, in fact, I read them so dutifully. I enjoy reading them because it tells me a lot about the author. Are they oh-so-serious in their gratitude-giving, or are they laid back and fun-natured as they lavish thanks and praise on friends and family? Most important to me is how the author acknowledges his/her spouse. I've read multitudes of Max Lucado books, and it amazes me that each time he has a unique, creative, and endearing way of expressing his love and thanks to his wife. While I used to be compelled to finish any book I ever started--even if I hated it--now I'm convinced that my life is too short to be wasted on reading bad writing. These days I've been known to scrap a book after chapter one (not quite after just reading the Acknowledgements, but almost!) rather than waste my time completing it simply because I'm anal about finishing what I start!

I just got a book by a new-to-me author, and seeing as it was the first book of hers I've ever read, I had no idea what to expect of her writing style. As usual, I began with the Acknowledgements; upon reading them, I knew I would enjoy the book. I was enjoying it already and it hadn't even begun!

Any other Acknowledgements-readers out there?