A while ago, I spent some time thinking about what it means to "just add light" to my life. All too often I get caught up focusing on all the things I need to change about myself. I get so bogged down in the murky waters of the "old" that I'm in the process of taking off, that it's hard to see the "new" that I'm supposed to be putting on. I think more about the lies that have made their nests in my heart than about the truth God says about me.

The parallel between physical and spiritual is there: To dispel darkness, all you must do is introduce light. I don't have to negotiate with darkness; I don't need to analyze just how dark it actually is, to come up with the best strategy to get rid of it. I simply add light, and darkness leaves.

Adding light takes intentionality and effort on my part. I need to turn my focus elsewhere, shift my gaze, keep the cross in my line of sight. The Christian walk isn't called a walk for nothing. I cannot passively grow in Christ; following is an action-packed verb.


Sometimes I can do nothing except ask God to say to my heart, "Let there be light."

There are times when I have not the strength nor the wisdom to do anything but ask. I know what happened the first time God spoke those powerful words. I wonder what might happen if I invite Him to say them to my heart.