I heard this the other day, and it's been running laps around my brain ever since:

"Sometimes it's easier to feel guilty than forgiven."

Sadly, that is all-too-often true in my own life. It seems easier to cling to my mistakes, my shortcomings, my depravity than it is to embrace the forgiveness and freedom that He has for me. Effort is required to make that exchange, and---honestly---sometimes I'd just rather not put in the effort. How pathetic is that? Especially since He already did the hard part.

God's power has no effect in my life if I don't choose to receive it and rely on it. That means not necessarily doing what is easier, but what is better. I don't want to nullify His power because of my apathy, laziness, or ignorance. Today I'm choosing to pull myself up by my imaginary bootstraps and embrace what God has already provided for me. Easier or not.