doing life together

Calling all readers: I really need everyone's input on something significant that's been brewing in my heart. So if you've been lurking reading without commenting, this is your time to come out of hiding speak up. And of course, if you usually comment, do as you normally do. And just in case it's not 100% clear, first-time visitors are also required requested to comment.

Okay, now that we're all on the same page...

I'd like to host a blogger mission trip to Africa.

(In case you're unaware: My husband and I are missionaries in South Africa; we've been here for ten years; we run a ministry; we host mission teams.)

My vision for a blogger mission trip stems from the desire so many of us have to meet our new friends from all over the country world and at the same time do something eternally significant. So why can't we combine those two by teaming up, traveling to Africa, and sharing the love of Christ together?

I can think of no better way I'd want to experience doing life together with any of you.

There is tons more I could say about the whats, whens, wheres, hows, and whys that are running around in my heart, but first let's tackle the whos. I need to get a sense of how many people would even want to do something like this...

So this is where you come in. (Yes, you!)

What I want to know from you is:

  • How interested are you in a blogger mission trip to Africa?
  • Any specific time of year that's best
  • An ideal length of time for the trip
  • Where you live
  • If you can't go, would you like to help send?

Spread the word. This is gonna be big...  I can already feel it.