Doing Good Well

I don't get dressed up very often, but I'll be pulling out a dress and heels in a couple weeks for an event in Atlanta. And I think you should join me. Epoch 2013 is honoring unsung missional heroes—those who cross the world (or even just the street) to restore broken places and broken lives through creative, God-honoring initiatives.  

They are giving away awards totaling $50,000 at their one-of-a-kind Gala, a night to celebrate those who are bringing innovative solutions to the challenges of poverty and suffering in the world. That is a worthy reason to don some heels!

One of the incredible nonprofits I work with, Hope Africa Collective, is a finalist for an Epoch Award.

I strongly believe in Hope Africa's strategy and vision, and am so excited for others to learn more about them through Epoch. And, of course, a cash award would go a long way to advance their amazing work in South Africa! My good friend and one of Hope Africa's Founders, Jeremy Hilliard, is flying in from Africa for the event. I haven't seen him since my trip to Cape Town last spring, so I'm really excited to see him again!

One of my greatest passions is to help nonprofits do strategic, effective, honest, and excellent work.

I never want to be a part of something that's just about "doing good". I always want to "do good" well. I believe that good work done well is honoring of God and those we serve, laced with integrity, and continually bearing fruit. That's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to Epoch—I'm excited to learn more about people and organizations doing exactly that.

If you live in or near Atlanta, join me for a night of celebrating Kingdom heroes who are doing good work well.

Add in the engaging group of presenters, speakers, and musicians, and the evening is guaranteed to be a blast! (Do you remember my crazy photo booth pictures from Epoch 2011?! You know you want in on that fun!)

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 Will I see you there?!