Culture Clash

Interestingly, a full figure is a desired trait in Basotho culture. A high value is placed on being overweight; it is a sign of being well-fed and well-off. One of my favorite books, about a woman who began a detective agency in Botswana, refers to a full-figured woman as being "traditionally built".

We often stop at a certain rest stop on the outskirts of Johannesburg on our way to or from the city. There is a great coffee place there which, although not quite Starbucks, has pretty good coffee beverages. Yesterday, after dropping a team at the airport, we stopped for coffee as we left the city. Rebecca and I ordered our "usual": original freezochino made with milk, not water, and topped with whipped cream. The friendly employee made our drinks and chuckled as she handed them to us. As we took them from her hand, she said with a laugh, "I hope you get fat!"

We couldn't help but laugh. I walked out shaking my head and thinking what a clash of cultures that was!