consistency is paramount

Over the past several weeks, a recurring mantra in my head has been “Consistency is paramount”. When we return to a place for a specific experience, atmosphere, or service and are met with glaringly huge inconsistencies, I just have to shake my head. Consistency is paramount. It’s what will keep us returning for more, compel us to tell others about our good experiences, and cause us to be increasingly confident as we know what we can expect.

To me, consistency is an integral part of excellence. Excellence is one of our ministry core values and is something I personally value very strongly (at times to a fault, I know). We constantly tell our staff team that excellence honors God and inspires people. When people know what they can expect, and are delivered that each and every time, I believe that’s excellence.

Seeing so many people’s and businesses’ lack of consistency this past month has been good. Good in the sense that it’s caused me to see things I haven’t seen before and think about things I never considered before. Any time I become aware of things like this, I take a good, long, magnifying-glass look at our own ministry. What areas are we inconsistent in? What should be the non-negotiable consistencies in our ministry? In each department? How do we get our entire team on board as we strive for consistency in all areas?

We still have a long way to go. But I know we’re on the right path.