coffee talk: women in ministry

Remember G-Daddy and the motorcycle? Yeah, me too. What I didn't tell you back then was that shortly after I passed G-Daddy's motorcycle test, I flunked an even bigger one. We got in a discussion about women in ministry, and I very quickly lost my standing in his good book. After hearing all about our ministry, G-Daddy was excited. He complimented me repeatedly on all that God had done through Niel and I in a reasonably short period of time. Over and over again, he emphasized what a wonderful job we were doing; he even began talking about the possibility of coming to serve with us in a long-term capacity.

Everything changed when he mentioned that he was ordained, and I replied that I was, too.

I thought he was joking with his initial responses, and then I quickly realized he wasn't. The conversation spiraled into him telling me that we aren't running our ministry in a Biblical manner because I, as a woman, am in leadership.

I was hurt by his "attack", not because this was the first time I've received criticism like this, but because I was staying in his home and had, just moments before, been someone he seemingly admired. I was also puzzled by his earlier praise: was he really just complimenting me for being a token wife, simply hanging on the arm of my minister husband who, of course, does everything? Hmph.

So... I ask you: What are your thoughts on women in ministry, particularly in leadership roles?