circle YES or NO

I hated dodgeball when I was a kid. Not so much because of the actual game. (Although I wasn't too fond of the painful sting that followed being pelted with that stupid rubber ball.)

I hated it because of the pre-game team selection process.

Two team captains, handpicking teammates in order of the coolest to the... not coolest.

Seriously... So awful.

I'm sweating and cringing just thinking about it.

The Facebook lingo of "like-ing" pages rushes me back to elementary school gym class and those dreaded dodgeball games. And that awful wait and wondering, hoping I get picked sooner rather than later.


Okay, let's try not to think about that.

And instead, picture me passing you a handwritten note that says:

Do you like me? Circle YES or NO.

A slightly less painful piece of our wonder years...

So while we're tripping down memory lane, if you're the Facebook like-ing type, feel free to like the Grit and Glory community page.

We can be one big, happy, non-dodgeball-playing family.

And your homework? (We've transported back to elementary school---Of course there's homework!)

Leave a comment with a link to your facebook profile or page so we can all like you back.

And tell us one wonderful or horrible grade school memory.


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