I stood by Amy's bedside as her husband brought their newborn baby and placed her ever-so-gently into her arms. I couldn't keep my eyes from welling with tears as I looked into her perfect eyes. She is beautiful. Peaceful. Nine pounds, six ounces, of pure heaven. And she has the most amazing head of hair. When the first person asked, "Have you decided on a name yet?", I braced myself for the answer. I breathed in deeply and held my breath. "Alece Sophia," Amy replied with a tired but vibrant smile. I closed my eyes tight, exhaled long and slow, and caught myself smiling.

Later, alone in the room with Mom and Baby, Amy asked me to pray a blessing over my namesake. I instantly choked up. Although my heart was overflowing with desires for her and her life, I struggled to find words. Good thing God hears hearts.

When Amy called me months ago to tell me about their name choice, I felt overwhelmed. Humbled. Honored. Speechless. Loved. Meeting my beautiful "Junior" today, holding her in my arms, looking into her eyes, I felt all those things again. Just 9,000 times stronger.

The weight of her bearing my name began sinking in. I don't want her to be like me. I want her to be all that I am not. All that I always hope to be.

And with every moment, every opportunity, that I have, I will lavish her with love, teach her what I can, show her what I know. Together we'll explore, discover, delight, grow, learn, laugh, love.

I experienced the joys of childbirth today. But without the pains of childbirth.

And my heart has never felt so full.