cherry on top

Quite a few people have been interested in why I moved my blog over to WordPress. There are several reasons, the biggest one being the more professional look their templates offer. I'd still like to have my own unique site someday, but in the meantime this is definitely a step-up from what it was. WordPress has a lot of great qualities that I love, and today I discovered the cherry that tops them all off. WordPress lets me see what people Googled that landed them on my site. The list of odd searches had me laughing.

  • styrofoam sheets
  • medicated grit
  • banana and ocd
  • children neck pillow
  • nicknames for cherish
  • yacht for god's glory
  • few things are worse than being in a hug
  • impeccable french accent
  • almabrilho mindie

I don't quite understand how these searches resulted in visits to my website, but hey, I'm not complaining. I'll take any and all traffic I can get, even the accidental kind. I do apologize to any disappointed Googlers out there. I hope you found something worth reading even if it had nothing to do with what you were looking for.