bonus points

It's been pretty cold the past few days here on Bainbridge Island, off the coast of Seattle. Cold enough for my friend to turn on the seat warmers in her SUV. I tend to be cold all the time, so I thoroughly enjoyed being heated from the bottom up. With only the front seats fitted with this feature, Niel was missing out in the back seat. I kept telling him how great it was and that it was too bad he wasn't able to experience it.

We parked at the restaurant and as I climbed out of the car, I excitedly told Niel, "Seriously. Feel my butt. It's so hot!"

"Baby... your butt is always hot."

My cheeks (the ones on my face!) instantly turned red and I started laughing. I turned around and gave Niel a high-five. My hombre certainly earned some bonus points with that one.