be kind. rewind.

I was reminded recently of the stickers that used to be on the video tapes I'd rent from Blockbuster back in the day. "Be kind. Rewind." When I heard that phrase again, I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I wrote it down. And I kept looking at it. There's a nugget in there somewhere.

I've been mulling it over ever since.

I haven't come up with any life-changing nuggets, but I've had a few random thoughts.

Be kind. Rewind. For the most part, my past-dwelling-ness isn't a good thing. I too easily focus on my past mistakes, failures, and self-disappointments. I can too readily call to mind the ways others have hurt me. That kind of mental rewinding isn't healthy or productive. I need to rewind more often to replay the parts about God's faithfulness, others' love and care for me, and things I've overcome in my life. I need to dwell on those a whole lot more than I do.

Be kind. Rewind. I keep thinking of the whole "need to look back to look ahead" thing. And it's true. The road ahead is so long. From where I stand now, it just seems to go on forever. And it looks very steep. It's daunting and scary and paralyzing. If I take the time to look back every now and again, I get a new perspective. As much road lies ahead of me lies also behind me. When I can see how far I've come, all that I've conquered, it gives me strength for the journey ahead.

Be kind. Rewind. I need to spend more time dwelling on truth. I need to continuously hit the rewind button and allow truth to play over and over -- like a toddler's uncanny ability to watch Finding Nemo 19 times in a row, everyday. If I allow truth to play on that sort of constant loop in my mind (and heart), I know my life would change significantly. Far better than being able to quote Nemo, I'd be able to respond with truth to the situations I'm facing, to the internal dialogue I'm constantly battling, and to the people I interact with.

That's all, folks.