and so it begins

Last night I was showing Niel how to navigate through blog world. I gave him a few tips on "blog etiquette". Niel: I don't need to follow blog etiquette. I'm the anti-blogger!

Me: Uhh.. Nigel? You're blogging. So I think you're the anti-blogger in name only.

Niel: Nu-uh. The anti-blogger can blog ... just in anti-blog ways.

Me: Ohhhh.


Niel: Will people know who I am?

Me: Well, people who know us will know it's you. But it doesn't say your name anywhere.

Niel (after a pause): But other people won't know know it's me, right?

Me: Right.

Niel (smiling): Good. I'm gonna take over the world. Brace yourselves.