an extra day

It's Leap Year.

So I guess that makes this Leap Year Day.

February 29th only comes around every four years, and each time it does, it feels like a bonus. An extra day. (Which makes it One Word 366 this year, doesn't it?)

Here we are, on this extra day, and it's got me thinking about what I'm going to do with it. Because I don't want to squander these extra 24 hours we somehow get. (And I won't let myself think too long about all that, because it kind of trips me out.)

I know every single day is a gift. (Even Mondays.) (I say begrudgingly.)

And I know that today is no more special than yesterday was or than tomorrow will be. But still, Leap Year Day seems to mess with me a little more than yesterday or tomorrow.

It makes me think more specifically about the fact that these 24 hours — these however oh-so-many breaths, these fleeting moments — are once in a lifetime. Not just today, but every day. Every moment. Once in a lifetime, never to be repeated. (If I think too long about that, it trips me out too.)

So today I'm more mindful to live with purpose and intentionality. I'm challenged to really see who's in front of me, hear what's unspoken between the lines, fully feel whatever comes my way, and live — wholly and truly — from my heart. I want to give more than I get, focus on others more than myself, and continually choose the next wise thing.

I want to steward this Leap Year Day as best I possibly can. And then I want to steward every day that follows it equally as well...

Watch out, February 29th.

I'm coming for you.